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Presentation and Speaking topics

Sport in Society
            “sport and its relationship to society"
  “the power of sport and its influence on youth”


Athletic Transition

            “ the disengagement of athletes from sport to the real world”

            “to witness your own social and public funeral in uniform”

            “from hero to “has been”

            “I miss the huddle”


Youth Sports

            “how do you want to be remembered as a coach”?

            “when coaching children, it is not just the Xs and Os, don’t forget the whys”

            “you throw like a girl, she said “thanks”


Diversity Awareness

            “collective mixture of differences and similarities”

“managing diversity is a process”

“we act and react based upon our perspective, is it the whole truth or just your perspective?”

The “N” word and its weak excuses for its use


Motivation for excellence

            “your walk down this road call life’s highway”

            “anything more than your absolute best is lie”

            “the miracle of you”

            “ I have never lost a game, it’s just been a few times when……”


The life of Professional players

            “is she married to you or your jersey number?”

            “am I a pro or a professional?”

“you have 24 hours to mature by 20 years”

            “if I am a role model, then I am underpaid”

            “the game has changed but the business is the same”

            “in my day, I just wanted to throw the football”


Child of Christ

            Keith’s personal testimony

Quotes from Keith:

I fear that during the 60’s when we were screaming, “Say it loud, I’m black and I’m proud”, we found our pride and lost our dignity.

A person who is a “role model” is a person who’s actions are worthy of duplication. Not all athletes should be considered role models but rather a Person of Great Influence (PGI).

The quality of your leadership will be determined by who you followed.

A great example of human relationships can be found in the huddle during a football game. In the huddle, people share a common cause without ego, a common focus without distraction, a unspoken agreement to trust and respect each other, a fear of disappointing the others because of lack effort or preparation, the anticipated excitement of success, and a belief and hope that thru a team effort we can we this game.

Athletes and their teams represent our perceived persona, character and disposition.  We don’t just feel defeat or victory, we experience it.

In our current culture, children don’t have to dream about their future, they can go on the internet and see someone elses.

The only failure I fear, is failure to try

 Faith makes things possible, not easy.

A man on mission never sleeps, he just rests until everyone else wakes up

Yes I might be referred to as “old school” but that only means that I’ve been educated through time.  How about you young man?

When the love to play the game left, it felt like my lover for 20 years just walked out my life and left me with nothing more than a kiss on the forehead and note that said “good job and thanks for the good time”

The rookie in the NFL may 6’8”, 320lbs, run the 40 yd dash in 4.8 and bench press 500lbs and make over 2 million dollars per year but he himself is still only 23 years old.





Noteable speaking engagements and workshop trainings

National Association for Secondary School Principles

NCAA Foundation

Phi Theta Kappa Honorary Fraternity

National Education Association

Police Athletic League

Frank McGuire Foundation

United States Tennis Association


Green Bay Packers

Philadelphia Eagles

Baltimore Ravens

Kansas City Chiefs

Toronto Blue Jays

Orlando Magic

New York Knicks

National Football League Players Association

National Football League Youth Sports Summit

Harvard University

Columbia University

University of Nebraska

Northeastern University

The Ohio State University


University of Hawaii

Virginia Tech University
Notre Dame University

Akron University

Dartmouth College

University of Texas, Austin

International Appearances:
Paris, France
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Toronto, Canada 

Personal Sport Skills Training;

Football, Baseball, Speed and Agility, Fastball Pitch Softball

Personal Positional Coaching

Speed & Agility Training

Youth Coach Development & Strategies

Motivational Speaking

Youth Camps & Clinics

Athletic Scouting & Review

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